You’re an intermediate or an upper-intermediate speaker of English. That’s quite an achievement. We both know that.

But that’s still not enough, is it?

You want to talk to native speakers without asking them to repeat themselves.

You want to express yourself in English as clearly and precisely as you do in your own native language.

You’re tired of feeling like a worse version of yourself in English.

You want people to know how intelligent, educated and fun you really are.

You’ve been trying to improve your English, so…

  • you’ve been following all sorts of advice ( “watch films in English”, “listen to songs in English”, “read the news in English”, “find a language partner”);
  • you follow dozens of English teaching pages on Facebook and get daily English tips on Instragram or Twitter;
  • you’ve subscribed to half a dozen Youtube channels.

But you still feel stuck. You can’t move forward. You’re going round in circles.

The reasons why the “tools and strategies” above don’t help you move beyond the intermediate level are quite simple:

  • They make bad use of your time;
  • There’s no real strategy involved;
  • They lack focus;
  • There’s not enough exposure to the language.

Now, imagine tools that:

  • give you more English per/minute than a film;
  • are as fun as TV series;
  • can be used anywhere;
  • help you improve your listening skills, vocabulary, grammar and also pronunciation;
  • you can work through on your own, without the help of a teacher;
  • can truly help you escape the intermediate level provided you use the right strategy.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Do you know what tools I’m talking about? Podcasts and audiobooks. And this is the formula for breaking through the intermediate level plateau:

podcasts and audiobooks + an effective strategy = high fluency in English

That’s what I teach you in my free e-guide. How to use podcasts and audiobooks to break through the intermediate plateau, achieve high fluency and stop feeling like a worse version of yourself when you speak English.


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Plateau Escape: 8 Strategies to Reach High Fluency Through Audio

Make better use of your time.
Understand fast, natural English.
Improve your pronunciation.
Increase your vocabulary. Have fun.

Here’s what you’ll learn


Make better use of your time

To achieve high fluency you need lots of exposure to English. Learn how to make the most of your time.


Understand fast English

No more “can you repeat, please?” Use connected speech to decipher natural English.


Sound more clear

Be a speaker people want to
listen to. Improve your individual
sounds, stress, rhythm
and intonation .


Learn chunks

Grow your vocabulary in an efficient way. No more memorising grammar rules and words out of context.
Express yourself like a native.


Have fun

I’ll show you how.
Because if you don’t enjoy spending time with English, you don’t learn. Simple as that.


Become autonomous

Learn more about the underlying concepts behind the 8 strategies.
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Hi, I’m Luciana Fernandes.

I created this community to help English learners who are feeling stuck with their English.
Here you’ll escape the intermediate plateau, achieve high fluency and be yourself in English.

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